Pindu is a new company which embodies a modern approach to energy saving concepts. Our dedicated team are passionate about client satisfaction and the environment as a whole.

Our aim is to advise our clients in a simple and easy way on how to save energy. We are a small and flexible company and we love to save a lot. 

We can help you not only save energy but also save money and reduce CO2 emissions. Together we can contribute to a better world to live in.

Four easy steps to saving: 

  1. We can meet up for a free energy audit where we will assess your utilities efficiency.
  2. Our engineers will work hard to find out how your utilities can work better and more efficiently.
  3. Our technicians will set it up for you.
  4. You will be happy.
We will not ask you to change all your light bulbs or window frames investing  enormous amount of money and see the result in 10-15 years but you will actually keep your existing systems and see an immediate payback.

We can find the best solution with any budget.

Energy is a direct charge on a company's operating budget, every £1 saved on the energy bill immediately increases your profit.

This is the best time to think about environment and how to reduce costs and energy consumption, contact us to know how.